CAST 2022: Syngenta Flowers

CAST 2022: Syngenta Flowers

An intriguing new lantana series and introductions featuring improved disease resistance were just a couple of the highlights in Gilroy.

Syngenta Flowers' new Mantra series checks a couple important boxes when it comes to interspecific geraniums: vigorous growth manner and shiny, dark foliage to really set those blooms off in the landscape or container. Speaking of containers, this one favors a large container (1 gallon). Syngenta claims ownership of the top spot in the horticulture market for geranium introductions, and this URC-series is one they're quite proud of. 

The new Calliope Cascade is the industry's first cascading interspecific geranium. Pictured is Calliope Cascade Violet. The large, semi-double flowers bloom all summer, making it ideal for selling in a premium hanging basket or large container. Its vigorous spreading habit also makes it a good candidate for landscape use.

Syngenta wowed with the colorful blooms of the new Bandolista lantana series. The bedding annuals add a spreading and mounding basket option the company's offerings with outstanding vigor, habit and color coverage for long-lasting performance. The heat-loving options are available in Pineapple, Red Chili, Mango and Coconut, which is the only non-sterile variety in the series. It's available in callused cuttings and unrooted cuttings.

Zinnia Zydeco, an all-new series, offers fully-double flowers that withstand heat and drought, and they attract pollinators. The flowers in this series also exhibit disease resistance. The four colors in the series are Cherry, Deep Yellow, Fire (pictured) and White. These vigorously branched plants are suitable for production in packs, premium pots or baskets. Syngenta suggests using them in a 1.5-gallon hanging basket for a high-value product.