CAST 2022: Suntory

CAST 2022: Suntory

Suntory hosted visitors at the Santa Barbara Polo Grounds this year. Here's a couple new introductions that caught our eye from the breeder.

Surfinia ‘Heavenly Amethyst Burst’ Petunia

Suntory says this is the world’s leading petunia based on “outstanding garden performance.” It features robust flowers and petals that can stand up to extreme weather, and it’s versatile enough to go from the basket to the container to the landscape. These petunias thrive in full or partial sun.

Senetti ‘Blue Halo’

Breeder representatives on-site at CAST 2022 say this is a collection of pericallis hybrids that offer the gardener a first to spring flower with vivid blues, magic magentas, ultraviolets and stunning bicolors.