CropKing partners with Blackmore-EllepotUSA to offer organic media option

CropKing partners with Blackmore-EllepotUSA to offer organic media option

Representatives of the two companies discuss the stabilized peat-coco-perlite mix and the process behind it.


CropKing now offers a 100 percent biodegradable organic media option — 60 percent peat, 30 percent coco and 10 percent perlite — wrapped in Ellepot membrane, says Dante D’Avello, a CropKing tech who comes from an aquatic biology background.

Many customers in the market desire organic media options, D’Avello says. CropKing has seen a continued demand from producers who want to be certified organic, for an organic option that works well in NFT and other hydroponic production systems.

Recently, CropKing linked with Blackmore-EllepotUSA to create plugs that are wrapped in an organic membrane and are specifically conducive to hydroponic production, says Blackmore-EllepotUS A National Sales Manager Lars Jensen.

Blackmore-EllepotUSA is a company that produces stabilized propagation media that is wrapped in a paper or membrane and placed in a special tray that allows for beneficial air circulation, Jensen says.

CropKing offers a 23-milllimeter plug in 105-count and 128-count trays, and a 35-millimeter plug in 50-count and 72-count trays, D’Avello says. “We can do samples, 1-10 trays, and are currently producing orders in pallet quantities,” he says. “We are working on packaging options that will allow for smaller orders.”

Editor’s note: To learn more about CropKing’s organic media offerings, watch the video here.

Photo courtesy of CropKing