Cultivate'22: Thorsen's next steps
Photo by Chris Manning

Cultivate'22: Thorsen's next steps

While still under constriction, Thorsen's Greenhouse's new facility is still helping move the business forward.

July 17, 2022

Thorsen’s Greenhouse, located in Delaware, Ohio, was one of the four stops on the Cultivate’22 greenhouse production tour. It was specifically an inside look at the company’s new greenhouses — located just a short drive from their original facility. 

Currently, that facility is still under construction. Delays in the supply chain have kept construction from being completed. Additionally, some of the equipment planned for the new facility needed to be used at their original location to fill short term production needs. 

Still, the company is growing at that facility. Currently, they are producing mums and will produce 28,000 at that facility alone this year. And once the greenhouse is built how they want it with the right machinery, the right people, the right plan — they're going to do more. 

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