Danziger founders receive Lifetime Achievement Award
The Danziger family holding their award.
Image courtesy of Danziger.

Danziger founders receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Founded more than 65 years ago, the company now sells half a billion cuttings worldwide.


On Jan. 27, a Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Zehava and Ernest Danziger, the founders of 'Danziger Dan Flower Farm,' at the Israeli Agricultural Committee in Jerusalem. Zehava and Ernest’s life story is unique. They established Danziger more than 65 years ago. At that time, they could not have imagined that in 2019 their farm would produce and sell half a billion cuttings worldwide.

It all began in Mishmar Hashiva, Israel, where the couple first established a small agricultural farm. The first crops were corn and strawberries. They decided to plant the corn much earlier than the agricultural recommendations, which turned into a big success. Years later, this story led to the development of their business motto, 'Danziger, always one step ahead.’

After three years, the Danzigers entered the flower sector. With the encouragement of Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture, they began growing Gladiolus and after just one year began to export these flowers.

The next step for the company was to grow flowers in greenhouses. The Danzigers were one of the first farms in Israel to use this growing method. The couple was one step ahead, and this may be one of the many reasons they were able to grow the company into a leading flower producer in Israel and abroad. 

Today, the company is pioneering the development and cultivation of many flower and plant species. Danziger genetics are exported to more than sixty countries across five continents. Over the years, there have been many success stories for the company. One example is the Gypsophila "Million Stars” variety. This gypsophila rapidly became a global success.

From the very beginning Zehava and Ernest Danziger, who recently celebrated their 93rd and 96th birthdays, have fostered a strong belief in their employees and created a business model that reflects a strong human touch.

Zehava and Ernest Danziger are proud to see their sons, Micha and Gaby, and recently grandson Ori, continue to maintain Danziger's legacy. Under their leadership, the importance of valuing employees, belief in the power of partnerships, integrity, decency, business ethics and the drive to create beautiful genetics ensures Danziger will continue to develop as an innovative and daring global agricultural company.

For more information, visit www.danzigeronline.com.