Danziger's Novemberfest becomes virtual event

Danziger's Novemberfest becomes virtual event

The event will feature one-on-one meetings with Danziger reps, as well as looks at various new varieties.

November 4, 2020

NovemberFest, Danziger's flagship annual event, marks the kick-off of the new season and a chance for industry leaders - growers, retailers, and distributors - to explore the company’s latest genetics and assortment from its R&D facilities in Israel.

This year, NovemberFest 2020 will take place as a virtual event.

“Instead of looking at this as a substitute for the ‘real thing,’ we’re embracing the opportunities created by the new normal to design a more personalized and tailored experience for our global visitors. Now they can discover our blooming assortment and amazing new varieties at their own pace and time zone, through virtual tours of our R&D facility and greenhouses. They will also have the opportunity to get to know our people on a one to one basis,” says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO.

During NovemberFest 2020, visitors will have the opportunity to take a 360 virtual tour of the R&D facility in Israel and explore Danziger's vast assortment and new genetics for the 2022 season, featuring 66 new varieties, 3 new series, and one brand new crop. Among others, Danziger will present:

  • CAPELLA - Danziger's flagship series is proud to introduce "Hello Yellow", the perfect Petunia in a perfect yellow color. CAPELLA is quickly becoming a grower favorite. This innovative petunia performs well in propagation, requires minimal PGR and blooms early enough for any petunia program. CAPELLA creates tidy small pots and works well to make combinations that draw the eye at retail and continue to perform in the home garden.


  • LOLLIES - A new uniform Argyranthemum series comprising of 5 bright colors that gives a treat of color to any retail display and at the end consumer’s garden.


  • HARMONY COLORFALL - HARMONY®COLORFALL is the first trailing line of NGI on the market, specially selected for hanging baskets. COLORFALL features all the wonderful traits of the HARMONY series, including large flowers and uniform growth, with a unique trailing habit. This innovative New Guinea series was first introduced last season and will have an additional four colors launched at NovemberFest. COLORFALL is perfect for shade hanging baskets, patio pots and combinations.
  • Dark Matter - A new Salvia nemorosa with a unique deep blue colored flower that re-blooms all summer long.
  • COLIBRI, EYECONIC & OMBRE- Danziger's Calibrachoa assortment has been renewed over the past few years.  The COLIBRI series was selected for small pots and is available in 20 beautiful colors. The EYECONIC lineup has an eye pattern with major flower power for baskets and combos. OMBRE is a series with a beautiful blend of several colors on each plant and controlled semi-trailing habit that is well suited for hanging baskets.

During the event, Danziger’s local Israeli team together with worldwide teams based in Europe, China and North America, will be available to meet and discuss the company’s new genetics, marketing and retail strategies, breeding, product concepts and more via 1:1 streamed video meetings.

Virtual tours and meetings can be scheduled here.