Danziger is highlighting the SCOOP Scabiosa

Danziger is highlighting the SCOOP Scabiosa

At a recent event in Israel, Danziger showcased the plant to flower designers.

March 20, 2018

The global cut flower industry is demanding rich textures, multi-petals, extra layers, intense colors and ‘full appearance’ flowers. Danziger sees the increasing demand for cushion mums as a solution. To answer this need, the company introduced the SCOOP Scabiosa. This innovative and different cut flower variety has gradually expanded to a series.

“Taking a rather ‘old- forgotten’ crop, our breeders, using advanced breeding technologies, have brought it back to life,” says Anat Moshes, Vice President Cut Flowers Sales at Danziger. With more than eight colors and bi-color varieties, stronger stems and high productivity, the series has become very successful in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

To highlight the versatility and beauty of this variety, Danziger hosted a special event at their facility in Israel, dedicated to the SCOOP series.  More than 25 flower designers were invited to an open workshop evening, where they could touch and feel the flowers. They also created free-style arrangements, using mainly SCOOP.

“We knew SCOOP was gaining popularity as we started receiving more and more requests for sourcing options from wholesalers, importers, and retailers, across the United States and Europe,” says Liat Kaplan, Global Marketing Manager at Danziger. “We have collected numerous arrangements and real-life bouquets from different markets. Each with its own character, color palette, and style. But, the common theme was that, in many cases, designers used it the same way they use cushion mums,” Kaplan adds. “Florists told us they ‘fell in love’ with the unique appearance, and some even mentioned that it took them a while to connect the SCOOP with the Scabiosa flowers they knew in the past.”

During the event, dozens of different arrangements, large and small, classic and extravagant, and even flower-made jewelry were created and photographed. Danziger will be publishing an inspiration brochure based on this event.

“Personally, I am in love with this flower. It’s unique, different, full of color, and very versatile,” says Baruch Nutovitz, a top designer, who was the professional leader of this event. “You can actually use it in an arrangement at any stage – closed, open or even after all leaves have fallen. I travel a lot around the world to gather inspiration from different markets, and no doubt, the SCOOP™ answers the global trend of rich, cushion style flowers."