Dümmen Orange poinsettia catalog is ready to review
Image courtesy of Dümmen Orange

Dümmen Orange poinsettia catalog is ready to review

Dümmen highlights the Norwin Orange variety in its 2022 poinsettia catalog.

November 22, 2021

Dümmen Orange’s 2022 poinsettia catalog presents trends for growers and highlights merchandising ideas for retailers. The breeder has included QR codes throughout the catalog, making it more interactive for readers. 

The Dümmen Orange poinsettia program is a combination of two long-standing breeding programs, Ecke and Red Fox.

"Highlights for 2022 include Norwin Orange, whose namesake celebrates an industry icon, friend and long-time partner to the Ecke program, Norwin Heimos. Norwin Orange is the brightest true orange available, and its early finish makes it a perfect selection for autumn sales," the Dümmen Orange team states.

"Traditional reds, of course, make for a proper Christmas program. Imperial’s fiery red bracts stand out at retail with upscale appeal. Growers will like that it is fast to finish and can be grown at high density. The reduced bench time, paired with more plants on the bench, means more profits for growers and retailers."

The broad assortment offers a wide range of choices that encourage increased sales by giving the consumer interchangeable decorating options throughout the season. Click here to take a look at the 2022 Dümmen Orange poinsettia catalog.