Dümmen Orange launches 'Dümmen Orange Experience' for week 45

Dümmen Orange launches 'Dümmen Orange Experience' for week 45

At three different events in the Netherlands in November, the breeder is showcasing chrysanthemums, gerberas, roses and other plants.

October 16, 2018

Dümmen Orange launches its Dümmen Orange Experience concept in the Netherlands during which its flowers and plants will be presented together in week 45 for the first time. 

Starting Tuesday, Nov. 6, Dümmen Orange will welcome its visitors in the Netherlands at its Open House locations in De Kwakel and Kudelstaart. The day after it kicks off at the IFTF in Vijfhuizen and at the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer. 

• When entering Dümmen Orange's Open House in De Kwakel (Nov. 6-9) you will walk straight into the core of the Dümmen Orange Experience. First you will see its various European and non-European rose and gerbera varieties. Additionally there are 200 European Dümmen Orange roses in full bloom in its show house. Next to this, for the first time, Dümmen Orange is showing other products too: 60 chrysanthemum varieties, bulb flowers and 20 tables with pot plants. 

• At the Open House Gerbera in Kudelstaart (Nov. 6-9), Dümmen Orange is presenting its new gerbera introductions in the reception area. In the show house the gerberas range, including the new varieties, can be admired in full bloom. 

• At the IFTF in Vijfhuizen (Nov.7-9) you can find Dümmen Orange at booth nr. A3.02, which contains two areas. In the first area its visitors will have the opportunity to Meet & Greet. Here you will find the latest Dümmen Orange retail varieties and novelties. A selection of its roses can be found in the second area of this booth as well as in the next-door’s booth of its partner J. Spek. 

• At the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair (Nov.r 7-9) Dümmen Orange will be present with two booths: 

• There is a Meet & Greet booth (nr. 16.8) where Dümmen Orange's plant arrangements will be presented, for its customers to meet up and getting yourself a Pina Colada-polaroid. This is not about a photo with a cocktail but a nice picture with Dümmen Orange's award-winning cut chrysanthemum.

• At Dümmen Orange's second booth (nr. 17.4) it will present 89 vases with Dümmen Orange high-quality roses coming from our locations in Ethiopia, Kenya and the Netherlands. In the same booth it will also show a wide variety of wholesale & retail solutions for flowers and plants.

Food and drink will be available at both locations, as will free transportation to the other booth.