Dümmen Orange, Westhoff announce expanded partnership

Dümmen Orange, Westhoff announce expanded partnership

For the spring 2020 growing season, Westhoff spring annuals will be available in Dümmen Orange's Basewell product form.

March 5, 2019

In a press release, Dümmen Orange announced that it and Westhoff, the Germany-based plant breeder, are partnering to include Westhoff spring annuals in the Basewell product form.

Basewell products, which Dümmen Orange launched in 2018, are bare-root cuttings that do not require growing media and feature “advanced root development.” Dümmen Orange ships the Basewell products from its off-shore production locations and, upon arrival, the cuttings are ready to transplant directly into finish containers. Growers in North America will be able to purchase the annuals for the spring 2020.

“Basewell is a technological leap forward for our industry, and we at Westhoff are excited to be able to have our products offered in this new form,” Westhoff owner and CEO Christian Westhoff said, according to a press release. “Growers will benefit from the ease of using our products in a new, extremely flexible product form that will help improve input quality. We see this as being another solution to meet our customers’ needs.”  

As part of the deal, Dümmen Orange will increase its Westhoff portfolio by 35 percent. New additions to the portfolio include the Brachyscome Cottage series and new varieties of both Chameleon and Candy Shop calibrachoa. Additionally, the Hot Lobelia and Crazytunia petunia series will each be expanded with “new offerings and improvements.” Both the new additions and expanded offerings will be available for 2020.