East Jordan Plastics opening new facility in Lyons, Georgia

East Jordan Plastics opening new facility in Lyons, Georgia

The project will cost $44 million and is expected to create 80 jobs in Toombs County, Georgia.

May 19, 2022

According to a press release from Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, East Jordan Plastics is investing $44 million into a new facility to Lyons, Georgia. The project is expected to create 80 jobs. 

“We’ve been laser-focused on producing good jobs in rural Georgia, and East Jordan Plastics will be met with eager, hardworking Georgians in Toombs County to serve their rapidly growing customer base," Kemp said, per the release.

Headquartered in Michigan, East Jordan "produces a full line of thermoformed and injection molded horticultural containers that make it easy to fill, plant, ship, and display products around the greenhouse, nursery and garden center." Most of East Jordan’s containers are "made from a high percentage of recycled plastic and are recyclable through the use of a “closed loop” recycling process." East Jordan, per the release, recycles over 20 million pounds of horticultural containers a year.

“East Jordan Plastics is thrilled to be joining the Lyons community, and we look forward to making this project a huge success for all stakeholders,” East Jordan Plastics President Scott Diller said, per the release. “We are grateful to the State of Georgia and Toombs County for their business-friendly and forward-looking leadership providing the opportunity to grow EJP in this strategically significant and beautiful part of the country. We look forward to adding talented, hardworking Toombs County residents to the East Jordan Plastics team in the future.”

During its first year, the facility will be used for logistics and distribution, and the company plans to develop the facility to include recycling and manufacturing operations over the next five years.

East Jordan will open their 255,500-square-foot facility along US Highway 1 in Lyons. Initially, the company hire for positions in warehouse distribution and eventually add employees for plastic recycling and manufacturing.