Hitting the coast

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January 23, 2020

As Cleveland gets hit with the first real snowfall and bone-chilling temperatures of the season, I’m dreaming of driving up the California coast. Not only is it a chance to see what new plant varieties are in store for growers, it’s a chance to swing by my old hometown for the first time in decades.

The first time I heard of Spring Trials was about seven years ago when I first joined Greenhouse Management’s parent company and it sounded like the best work trip you could ask for. I’ve never had the opportunity to make the trip, and I’m excited to physically see the stops this year instead of in photos and videos from my colleagues. And, of course, for the chance to talk to industry professionals who can give their insights.

Like many things in the industry, California Spring Trials has undergone some serious changes in recent years. Notably this year, Proven Winners and Spring Meadow Nursery have both decided to skip the annual event, opting instead to explore other ways to showcase their new varieties to breeders, nurseries, greenhouse, brokers and the media. There are few other changes you can read about in our Spring Trials Guide, here.

With so many different ways to get the word out about new marketing initiatives, varieties, technical information and more, it will be exciting to see what’s on the horizon. Even here at Greenhouse Management, we’ve seen a serious change in what readers want and how they want to receive that information. Web just keeps becoming more and more important.

And that's where you'll find the latest as we travel the California coast to we bring you the latest and greatest from this year’s trials. We’ll have updates in future issues, but if you just can’t wait, be sure to visit us online or check out our annual newsletters from the show.

And if you’re heading to California this spring, we hope to see you there!

Kate Spirgen, Editor | kspirgen@gie.net | 216-393-0277