A pat on the back

Departments - Outlook

December 19, 2019

During a particularly crazy time at a recent trade show, I enlisted some help from a coworker to deal with a last-minute problem and said what I always say — “Thanks!” I was more than a little surprised when they responded, “I’m just doing my job.” While that was technically true, it struck me that this person probably hadn’t been shown a lot of gratitude.

In the day-to-day of shipping deadlines, staffing problems and making sales, it’s easy to forget to show your appreciation. But that’s when it matters most. When stress levels are high, you can change the mood at your operation by setting a good example. Whether it’s someone doing their job well, going above and beyond or working some extra hours, they’ll appreciate knowing that their efforts are noticed.

It’s like they always say, “People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses.” Whether it’s a birthday card, a text, an email or a pat on the back, it could make the difference in someone’s day. And it could make a difference in employee performance and retention.

The topic comes to mind particularly now that the holiday season is over. It’s easy to remember to show gratitude during the holiday season when warm, fuzzy feelings are in the air, but it’s just as important during the rest of the year.

The issue is illustrated really well by food bank donations. During the holidays, food banks are inundated with donations while people are feeling generous. But when spring and summer hit, shelves get bare and people go hungry.

So next time things are getting tense or you notice a gray atmosphere around the greenhouse, try telling people they’re doing a good job. It just might bring a little holiday cheer all year-round.

Kate Spirgen, Editor | kspirgen@gie.net | 216-393-0277