Here comes healing

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April 19, 2021

My colleague Kate Spirgen tells me that it was the prolific Russian author Tolstoy who once said "spring is the time of plans and projects."

One could quivel with dear Leo and counter that it is also a time for healing.

After the last 18 months, it seems safe to assume that we could all use a bit (heck, put me down for a heaping helping) of spring's infinitely healing nature.

Sure, the greenhouse industry itself has perhaps never been stronger and in a better place than it is today, but we certainly don't live our entire lives in a horticulture bubble. Many of us unfortunately witnessed plenty of friends, family members, our favorite restaurants and other small businesses all suffer — some greatly — over the last year and a half, and to no fault of their own, thanks to COVID.

We are pretty blessed to be in such a great spot, to be the ones who help enable a whole bunch of healing and feeling better among our fellow humans. Plants have been known for their healing and even medicinal properties for centuries now. Native Americans used bergamot plants to treat cold and cough symptoms hundreds of years before Vicks VapoRub or NyQuil were readily available.

By the time you receive this magazine, the big Mother's Day weekend sales blowout will be just around the bend. Even after last year's record-breaking sales, this editor has a gut feeling even more consumers (aka plant parents) will be seeking out the healing and mind-soothing properties provided by the beautiful plants you all produce in your greenhouses.

So, when things get a little more hectic than your liking, and your shipping docks are pumping out plant shipments around the clock, try to remember to keep having fun, and think of all the people you're directly helping by dedicating your life and your greenhouses to growing these life-affirming plant companions that we all love and value.

Enjoy the spring and all it's wonderful healing powers. After all, it only comes once a year. And as always, Happy Growing!

Matthew J. Grassi, Editor | | 216-393-0362