e-GRO launches Nutritional Monitoring of Floriculture Crops website

e-GRO launches Nutritional Monitoring of Floriculture Crops website

The site will provide how-to videos, guides and nutritional factsheets for bedding plants, perennials, potted flowering plants, edibles and herb crops.


Nutritional disorders are among the many challenges greenhouse growers encounter during crop production. Nutritional disorders often occur when substrate pH or soluble salts, referred to as electrical conductivity (EC), drifts above or below optimal ranges for plant uptake. To assist greenhouse growers in addressing nutritional disorders, the collaborative group of greenhouse and floriculture specialists and educators, e-GRO, has launched a Nutritional Monitoring of Floriculture Crops website, www.fertdirtandsquirt.com, led by W. Garrett Owen of Michigan State University Extension and Brian Whipker of North Carolina State University.

The Nutritional Monitoring of Floriculture Crops, sponsored by the American Floral Endowment, will assist growers in establishing an in-house monitoring program and serve as an information and education center. The website is accessible by computer, tablet or mobile device.

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