Feel the rush

Departments - Outlook

April 18, 2022

Our offices here at GIE Media are abuzz this week. You can practically feel the positive energy vibrating amongst the cubicles and computer screens.

It’s quite the departure from springs’ past.

It feels like the business of doing business is, well, back to normal. At least for now.

The Hort Team is all energized and charged up, fresh off a successful California Spring Trials trip. It’s incredibly inspiring to see all of the hard work and innovation that so many put into this industry on a daily basis. It’s humbling to even be considered a small slice of this industry, alongside all of you fine professionals.

And our colleagues at GIE sister pub Golf Course Industry magazine just got back from a major pilgrimage themselves: the editorial staff attended The Masters Tournament festivities down in Augusta, Georgia, amongst the blooming azaleas and $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches.

I discuss it here because I imagine that energized mood is mutual in many of your operations, too. Perhaps, I would guess, even more so. We’re well into the spring busy season and it's looking and feeling like we’re in store for yet another wonderful season for all corners of the green industry.

Breeders are cranking out innovative intros to keep the new plant parents coming back, and growers are stoked that many of those new varieties are easier to care for, less reliant on PGRs and pinching, and more robust and drought-tolerant once they get taken home.

It all seems to foretell more good times ahead for the greenhouse world. And we here at Greenhouse Management are, for one, happy and humbled to be along with you all for the ride!

Matthew J. Grassi, Editor | mgrassi@gie.net | 216-393-0362