Dazide PGR receives lower REI for 2020
Photo courtesy of Fine Americas

Dazide PGR receives lower REI for 2020

The re-entry interval for Fine Americas’ daminozide PGR drops by half to 12 hours.


WALNUT CREEK, CALIF. — Growers can now treat crops then start working the next morning due to a 50% reduction in the Dazide plant growth regulator’s re-entry interval (REI) — 12 hours instead of 24.

“This marks a huge gain in efficiency – something to take into account when deciding which daminozide PGR to preorder ahead of the 2020 season,” said Greg Johnson, president of Fine Americas, “especially since other PGRs still require a 24-hour (REI) reentry interval. It’s like gaining an extra day of productivity each time you treat.”

The New Dazide has been reformulated so that it can be rewet — providing a new level of flexibility that growers haven’t had before, according to a press release. It works better in adverse conditions and can be rewet within 36 hours of the initial application to reactivate any of the active ingredient remaining on leaves.

Just a light mist to moisten the leaf slightly ensures growers get every bit of power out of their daminozide, according to the release. This may seem like a small reformulation, but for growers fighting to accomplish more with less, facing ever-tightening labor and schedule constraints, it provides new opportunities for productivity.