Florist Holland and HilverdaKooij merge

Florist Holland and HilverdaKooij merge

Both companies are from De Kwakel, the Netherlands, and have been active in breeding and propagation for more than 40 years.

August 28, 2018

Florist Holland and HilverdaKooij are going to merge. Both companies from De Kwakel, the Netherlands, have individually been active in the field of breeding and propagation of flowers and plants for more than 40 years.

Florist Holland is proud to take this step together and fulfill its ambitions for growth and innovation, according to a press release. By combining the two company’s knowledge and resources, they are able to further improve and expand our assortment, according to the release. The joint focus is, among other things, on investing in automation and innovative cultivation and breeding techniques. Together, global production is growing because the bundled international network consists of production locations on every continent.

"In the start-up period, we regularly discussed our joint ambitions and the drive for innovation with each other. It soon became clear that our goals were the same. With all the possibilities we create by combining our companies, this is the only logical step for the future," said Jan Hilverda, managing director, HilverdaKooij.

"We’ll turn two strong companies into one. In everything. This means that we will be working from a single location in the Netherlands. The first step has already been taken with the purchase of 4 hectares of land adjacent to the Florist site. The aim is that from 2020 we will all be working at the same location," said Melchior Moen, managing director, Florist Holland.

Photo courtesy of Florist Holland