Flower delivery service blossoms in San Francisco

The Uber-like service will deliver bouquets straight to your door.

September 23, 2014

From Business Insider: 

The latest craze in Silicon Valley is to create an Uber-like startup for everything. There's Uber for delivery (Postmates), Uber for food (Sprig and Munchery), and now there is BloomThat, an Uber for flowers.
BloomThat launched 1.5 years ago as a "ridiculously fast" flower service that will deliver a reasonably priced bouqet anywhere in San Francisco in 90 minutes or less. It's a mobile app that only requires three actions to make a purchase: Choose a pre-bundled bouquet (about $35 each), type in the recipient's information, pay with your pre-uploaded credit card.
One Twitter employee told Business Insider her fiance used the flower service to help him propose. An eBay employee, who had BloomThat on her iPhone homescreen, told Business Insider it was the easiest way to send a thoughtful gift. A Facebook employee (who initially rolled her eyes when Business Insider told her about the startup) later chimed in, "Oh wait! I just received a bouquet of those yesterday."
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