Webinar: Capturing ALL Wasted Spend Lighting Your Greenhouse

Webinar: Capturing ALL Wasted Spend Lighting Your Greenhouse

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Supplemental lighting in greenhouses has traditionally been an "all or nothing" approach - either your lights are on or they’re not. What if you only need them on only a little? Or on a portion of your greenhouse but not the rest? What if you need a little extra as a storm rolls by and then no more afterward?

As a greenhouse manager, you’d almost certainly choose to over-illuminate your crop than under-illuminate it. How much of your energy expenditures are wasted each year due to over compensating for the ever fluctuating sunlight conditions over your greenhouse? How much energy could you save each year by changing your lighting strategy from one of over compensation to one of complete precision?

Join VP of Sales, Ron Norman, and Chief Technology Officer, Alex Gerard, from Fohse as they tackle this problem head on using the latest advancements in horticultural lighting technology.

The event is scheduled for May 25, 2021 at 2 p.m. EST. 

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