Registration opens for GardenComm Virtual Conference

Registration opens for GardenComm Virtual Conference

The virtual event will take place Aug. 10-13.


Registration has opened for programs and presentations for the GardenComm2020 Virtual Conference, which takes place August 10 through 13. For each of the four days, programs will run from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. EDT, and they will include virtual networking opportunities and other activities.

Attending the conference costs $99 for members and $159 for nonmembers, which includes GardenComm membership for the remainder of 2020.

 The new plants and new products presentations will be led by Diane Blazek, executive director of National Garden Bureau. Attendees will get a sneak peek of these plants and products that will be introduced to consumers in 2021. One night will feature plants and one will feature products.

The opening session will be a conversation with Abra Lee, of Conquer the Soil, and Ellen Zachos, the Backyard Forager, who will talk about “Finding Your Purpose, Foraging Your Path.”

Katie Elzer-Peters’ “Mind Your Gaps: Your Digital Audit Action Plan” explores how to analyze our communications plan and social media effort. Katie owns The Garden of Words and she has worked with many members to develop their social media reach to create successful plans to ensure goals are met.

April Thompson, of Bloom Soil, will discuss “Market Segmentation: Communicating to Different Horticultural Audiences.” She will share how to identify and appeal to audiences with different horticultural needs and levels of expertise.

On the evening of Aug. 13, the GardenComm Media Awards winners and Honors recipients will be announced.

For registration and more information, please click here.