GLASE announces 2020 webinars and technical articles
Photo courtesy of GLASE

GLASE announces 2020 webinars and technical articles

The next webinar, on calculating energy savings for lighting systems, will take place Feb. 20.

GLASE has announced the following events for 2020:

The GLASE Consortium Webinar Series features the latest technological innovations and best practices in the CEA field providing the audience the opportunity to discover new solutions and to connect with field experts.

February 20, 2020
Horticultural lighting systems energy-savings calculations
presented by Dr. Neil Mattson and Dr. A.J. Both
March 12, 2020
Influence of temperature and daily light integral on culinary herb production
presented by Dr. Roberto Lopez and Kellie Walters
The entire webinar series can be accessed here.


Technical Article Series

In a series of 10 publications researchers from Cornell University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Rutgers University will cover a wide range of applied CEA technologies including new LED lighting systems, integrated CEA control systems, measurement standards, energy modeling and commercial case studies.

Jan. 2020 – Revisiting the measurement of Light - available here 
Feb. 2020 – A new greenhouse light spectral acquisition system
Mar. 2020 – Plant responses to integrated light and CO2 control
Apr. 2020 – Horticultural lighting standards
May 2020 – Remote chlorophyll fluorescence detection system
Jun. 2020 – Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) energy modeling
Jul. 2020 – A modified infra red gas analyses for light response curves

Aug. 2020 – GLASE commercial pilots – A case study

The entire article series can be accessed here.