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February 25, 2014

Polydress SolaWrap

Polydress SolaWrap is a year-round greenhouse covering solution. It is comprised of three layers of special polyethylene film that encloses thousands of air bubbles. These air bubbles give SolaWrap an R-Value of 1.72. They also allow 83 percent transparency of sunlight, while diffusing up to 83 percent of the light. The flexible nature of SolaWrap lets growers use this insulating material year-round. SolaWrap can be easily attached to drop-down-curtain and roll-up-curtain mechanisms, which allows for sidewall ventilation. Also, high tunnel and hoop house growers now have a long-term, insulated solution to cover their bowed greenhouses.

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F-Clean Films

F-Clean ETFE films provide more than 93 percent light transmittance and high UV transmission. Long-lasting ETFE fluoropolymer films allow the full spectrum of solar light to pass into the growing area. F-Clean membranes are self-extinguishing and available in clear, diffused, and UV-blocking versions. The ETFE fluoropolymer produces several benefits, including long-lasting performance, low reflection and refraction rates, low surface energy, anti-drip coating, and diffused film options.

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Retractable Flat Roof

Rough Brothers has developed a new Flat Roof Structure that provides crop protection with the benefits of outdoor growing. The new flat roof structure provides heat retention during the spring months and cold nights, while being fully retractable during sunny days. The flat roof is low-cost and maintenance-free. The roof material can be made of aluminized cloth or water permeable polyethylene weave. Natural ventilation and accessibility are controlled with optional rollup sidewalls.

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