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August 6, 2009

The EVO Trio product line of boilers from Hamilton Engineering Inc. has an available BTU firing rate capacity from 200,000 Btu to 8 million Btu and operates at thermal efficiencies up to 99.8 percent and combustion efficiencies up to 98.2 percent. EVO is available as a closed-loop heating boiler or a direct water heater. The product line recently passed efficiency and emissions tests related to the upcoming standards changes for 2013 in California.
Greenhouse insulation
Nansulate Greenhouse from Industrial Nanotech Inc. is a thermal insulation coating that is applied as a thin film to clear greenhouse panels to reduce energy consumption without reducing light transmission. The coating allows over 90 percent of visible light to pass through glass glazing. The insulation can be applied easily and quickly with a conventional paint sprayer or brush and costs about 37 cents per square foot for a three-coat application. It will last for 10 years.
Pest exclusion screening
OptiNet exclusion screening from Signature Supply Inc. integrates two control methods for greenhouse thrips and other insect pests. It provides optical protection by repelling insects with the screen’s optical additives. Its second line of protection is the 50 mesh screen. The dual protection reduces the number of pests entering a structure while maintaining adequate airflow.
Pot wraps
Horticultural Identification Products is offering pot wraps for fruit plants which display finished products and draw consumer attention long before the plants develop fruit. Pot wraps are also available for flowering plants to emphasize bloom color, brand or specific holiday interest. Plant features, care instructions and garden layouts can be included on the wrap.
Greenhouse controllers
Link4 Corp. is offering its iGrow 400/800 line of controllers for small- to medium-sized greenhouses. The controllers have an energy-use monitoring system that gives real data on energy use by individual pieces of equipment for heating and cooling systems, showing energy cost savings and return on investment for the controllers. The controllers can be used with a variety of equipment providing each piece of equipment’s complete operating history for easy transfer to a grower’s computer by USB drive, network or remote access via computer or cell phone. The controllers can control four (400 Model) or eight (800 Model) individual pieces of equipment or system elements.
Rodent repeller
Evictor Products Inc. designs and builds high intensity strobe lights used as visual repellents for squirrels, rats, raccoons and other rodents. The MB100K Squirrel Evictor and Rat Repeller is a 1 million candle power high-intensity strobe light. It’s humane, eco-friendly and energy efficient. It annoys the rodent’s eyes and contains no poisons, odors or any harmful chemicals. One light covers a 1,600-square-foot area.