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April 23, 2010

Slow-release fertilizer
Crystal Green from Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. is a slow release fertilizer (eight to nine months) with a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium (5-28-0 +10 Mg). The fertilizer is produced from a recycled and renewable product that is safe to use on plants. It is available in various prill sizes from 70 SGN (0.7 millimeters) to 240 SGN. The prill is a hard crystalline material that is virtually dust-free and suitable for top dressing, incorporation or broadcasting. Water is the primary release agent, but the release rate is consistent regardless of the amount of water applied due to the fertilizer’s crystalline nature. READER SERVICE #42

Plant ties
Stretch-Tie from Stretch-Tie Inc. is a simple and effective way to secure plant material. It fastens like a traditional “twist-tie,” yet will expand to accommodate the growth of most plant material. Stretch-Tie is made of expandable plastic and has non-continuous metal allowing it to stretch. Sizes include 6- and 10-inch long by ½-inch wide and 10-inch long by 1-inch wide.

Slow release iron
Actino-Iron from Natural Industries contains the active ingredient Streptomyces lydicus strain WYEC 108, a naturally occurring beneficial soil bacterium. When applied to the soil it grows around the root system of plants, protecting them from harmful soil pathogens, including Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Phytophthora, Fusarium and others. Actino-Iron also contains slow release iron that won’t burn plants. The humic acid in Actino-Iron is used as a food source by the microbe and works in conjunction with it to produce healthy roots and vigorous plant growth.

Screen material
Aluminet from Signature Supply Inc. is a metalized high density polyethylene knitted screen that can lower summer daytime temperatures by 20 percent. It can help to decrease plant water consumption by 33 percent. The screen can also help to lower winter heating costs by creating a thermo-reflective barrier. During an overnight freeze, the screen can maintain an inside temperature above freezing even when the outside temperature is 24°F. The screen has a light transmission of 65 percent and ultraviolet light guarantee of five years.

Water filter
Netafim USA has introduced the Apollo Disc-Kleen Filter, an automatic, self-cleaning disc filter. The filter was developed to lower the cost of filtration per gallon per minute and to lower the required pressure for flushing the filter. Its longer filter element with larger discs produces a 20 percent larger filtration area than previous models. It also accommodates a higher flow rate.

Slow release fertilizer
Scotts Professional’s Osmocote Pro 19-6-9 controlled release fertilizer with Fusion Technology has a five to six month longevity at 70°F. Depending on the crop being produced and the climate, the fertilizer may be able to deliver nutrition for an entire season, further reducing application and labor costs. After the fertilizer is surface applied and watered in, an adhesive matrix is formed that bonds the fertilizer prills to each other and to the surface of the growing medium.

Fog systems
J&D Manufacturing’s 1000 psi High Pressure Fogging System is an effective way to reduce the temperature in horticultural, agricultural or industrial/commercial buildings. Water is pumped through high pressure lines and atomized into billions of tiny micron particles where it evaporates into the air for maximum cooling.
The company offers a wide variety of line configurations, complete with new pump and filter kits. With a wide variety of fittings and adaptors, a fogging system can be custom designed with little to no structural modifications.