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January 20, 2011

Kelli Rodda, managing editor of Greenhouse Management, traveled to Holland in October 2010 to see some of the most sustainable companies and growers in the industry. One stop was Priva’s headquarters in De Lier. Not only is the company focused on greenhouse environments, but CEO Meiny Prins wants the best environment for her employees.

Priva’s CO2-neutral campus is a beautiful piece of architecture and a marvel for green building enthusiasts worldwide. The building is one big solar collector. The large glass surface allows light and heat to enter the building freely. Cooling the air effectively is as great a challenge in a building as it is in a greenhouse. Priva’s solution: it stores excess heat underground and draws any cooling required from the ground. Instead of using energy-guzzling air-conditioning systems, Priva opted to install chilled ceilings. Chilled ceilings are controlled by 480 Priva Top Control Comfort CX controllers and 1,920 motorized valves.

A green roof consists of moss and sedum. The HF lighting system adjusts to the level of natural light and can detect if people are in an office.

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