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A how-to production guide.

January 20, 2011

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora ‘Fantastic’ is a new variegated version of the popular flapjack/paddle plant. David Fell of Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery Inc. discovered the uniquely variegated plant growing at his nursery. ‘Fantastic’ has all the positive traits of the non-variegated form with the addition of a rich yellow variegation that accents the red blush on the leaves.

‘Fantastic’ prefers full sun and is hardy in USDA Hardiness Zone 10. It can be used in specimen containers, combinations and, in milder climates, it is an excellent performer in the landscape. Plants can reach 24 inches tall by 18 inches wide. Plants produce a 2- to 3-foot flower stem with clusters of small white flowers from late winter into early spring. During flowering, overall height can reach up to 4 feet tall.

  • Rooted liners are available from Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery and ForemostCo. Plant liners in a well-drained growing medium with a pH of 6 and electrical conductivity of 3 (pour-thru method). Plants are most suitable for 4-, 6- and 8-inch containers.
  • Water when the growing medium has dried down. Actively growing plants should be fertilized with 200 parts per million nitrogen from a balanced fertilizer. A water-soluble fertilizer or controlled-release fertilizer can be applied. Grow in high light. Plants started from 38-cell rooted liners and finished in 6-inch pots are ready for sale in 13-15 weeks.
  • ‘Fantastic’ has very few cultural problems. The only disease concerns during production are anthracnose and Calonectria (Cylindrocladium sp.), which should not be a concern for home owners. Potential pest problems are snails and slugs in the garden.
Name: Kalanchoe thyrsiflora ‘Fantastic’
Crop timing: From 38-cell rooted liners, 6-inch pots finish in 13-15 weeks.
Grower benefits: Easy-to-grow crop, heat tolerant with no major pest problems.
For more:  Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery Inc., (808) 259-7295;  ForemostCo, (800) 421-8986;