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June 6, 2011

Roof panel
Ondalite, a new multi-wall polycarbonate roofing panel product, is available from CO-EX Corp. The panel is produced in both 3 mm twin wall and 6 mm triple wall sheet which incorporate a pre-shaped waved structure. Ondalite has an optimal combination of properties, including high load-bearing capacity, excellent thermal insulation, high light transmission and outdoor weatherability characteristics with a 10-year warranty against UV attack. Easy to install, Ondalite can be overlapped lengthwise to obtain large lighting surfaces. The channels of the panel are heat sealed at the ends, which preserve the aesthetic look of the sheet by keeping outside impurities out. READER SERVICE #46

Controlled release fertilizer
Scotts Professional introduced Osmocote Pro 20-4-7 controlled release fertilizer with Fusion Technology in an eight-to nine-month longevity. The surface-applied fertilizer prills adhere to growing media. Scotts had released the original Osmocote Pro Fusion product, a 19-6-9 formulation in a five- to six-month longevity.

After the fertilizer is surface-applied to the growing medium and watered in, the polymer compound forms a web-like adhesive matrix, binding the fertilizer prills to the medium surface. Re-wetting the medium through subsequent irrigation maintains the Fusion activity, ensuring that the fertilizer stays in place for an extended period of time. READER SERVICE #47

Rose catalog
Greenheart Farms released a new catalog that features new and unique rose varieties, many of which are available exclusively through Greenheart. The catalog includes detailed cultural information and identifies top-selling varieties that make it easy to select and grow the right plants. It also offers marketing ideas that will help drive sales at retail.

In the past year Greenheart has redesigned all of its rose tags so they contain consumer-friendly planting and care information. READER SERVICE #48

Heavy-duty wheels
Vision Wheel has introduced a series of 19.5 heavy-duty styles that reduce the cost of operating 1-ton trucks. The wheels create a combination of increased load and ride stability, safety, higher tread wear and savings in operating cost of as much as 70 percent over the OE 16- and 17-inch tire/wheel combination. The wheels offer a true 19.5 truck tire option that decreases tire operating costs dramatically during the 100,000-mile life of the tire size upgrade with no need to re-calibrate the speedometer.

Wheels are available in chrome, machined clear coat and silver steel. READER SERVICE #49

Pond aeration system
Micro-diffusion Aeration Systems from DRAMMwater use extremely small air bubbles to both oxygenate the water and gently turn the water in a pond. Turning the water gently creates a more gentle flow that ensures that the pond water is homogenized and evenly oxygenated, evening the temperature and water quality without increasing the levels of sediment or turbidity.  READER SERVICE #50