Grimes Horticulture closes after nearly 100 years in business

Grimes Horticulture closes after nearly 100 years in business

The Ohio company says it is voluntarily shuttering operations immediately after an employee embezzlement situation proved untenable going forward.


After 95 years in business, Grimes Horticulture has announced that it is shutting down its Concord, Ohio, facilities, effective immediately.

The operation reportedly was the victim of an internal embezzlement scheme that “was too large for the company to financially digest,” according to Director Gary Grimes.

Grimes also shared via email that the operation “managed the timing of this carefully and have already paid over 95% of obligations to vendors.”

“We are extremely proud of our exceptional employees who have been as dedicated and productive as any company could possibly ask for,” Grimes wrote, noting that he and owner Rod LeDrew will be assisting former employees in finding new employment in the horticulture sector.

Grimes also pledged to honor all plant orders already placed with the now-shuttered operation for the upcoming season. That includes any outstanding seed orders, and commercial partners with questions about seed orders should get in contact with president Bill Steen, according to the operation. Steen can be reached via email at  

“We could not be more appreciative of our wonderful, valued customers who will be intensely missed,” Grimes wrote. “It has been an honor to get to know and work with so many of you in this wonderful industry.”