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Insect Control Report - Letter from the Sponsor

August 17, 2021

As always, it is an honor for Bayer to sponsor this special issue of Greenhouse Management. In an ever-changing industry, it is more important now than ever for ornamental growers to embrace new solutions, take advantage of innovations and leverage valuable insights. Carefully examining important trends, like the ones in this edition, helps us focus on what matters: bringing innovative ornamental solutions and expertise to support your growing business.

As an ornamental grower, what you do isn’t just special — it’s uniquely beautiful. Every day, you cultivate and grow the flowers and plants that transform the environments where we live, work and play. At Bayer, we want to help you continue to grow your operation and find success by providing expert advice in addition to a balanced and innovative product portfolio with demonstrated and proven results.

Bayer proudly offers a full portfolio of insecticides for rotation in any integrated pest management program. Altus® can be used on a wide range of plants anytime during the production cycle for targeted control of harmful insects. Additionally, it has a cost-effective drench rate, favorable pollinator safety profile and a good plant safety profile.

Kontos® stands up to damaging insects, offering true systemic activity moving up and down the plant while providing broad-spectrum control.

Savate® provides fast knockdown and residual control of all stages of mites and whiteflies and has minimal risk for many beneficial insect species when used as directed. All three products also include control over Mediterranean whitefly biotypes that have developed resistance to neonics and growth regulators.

With this proven portfolio of products that work as hard as you, Bayer is here to help you enjoy the process and Find Beauty in Each Moment along the way. No matter the pest, Bayer has an insecticide greenhouse and nursery growers can count on to help keep plants beautiful and profits blooming.

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