A no-stress solution for hemp growth

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The Ellepot produces high-quality plants and eliminates the need for plastic.

February 26, 2020

Photo courtesy of Blackmore Company

When growing hemp, creating as little stress as possible for roots results in higher nutrient uptake and better performance. Blackmore Company, a horticulture industry supplier based in Belleville, Michigan, has the solution to give hemp producers that vital root-enhancing edge.

The Ellepot AirTray Technology enables growers to air prune which produces more feeder roots that help the plant to establish faster after transplant with zero girdling roots. This provides a higher quality plant with higher yields.

Blackmore provides solutions for the ornamental and horticulture industries, and harnessing Ellepots for hemp manufacture is fast becoming a company focus.

“Hemp is becoming a big part of our supply,” Jensen says. “We want to prove the same efficiency with Ellepots as we’ve seen for Greenhouse production.”

Made from certified organic paper for field production. Ellepots placed in Blackmore’s patented AirTrays provide extra air circulation to a plant’s root system. Properly oxygenated roots mean faster development, better yield per plant and faster transplanting and handling.

“You need maximum air flow, which can be achieved through our AirTray Technology,” Jensen says. “From sowing to transplant, it’s five to six days in some cases.” Ellepots create a healthy base free of girdling roots that restrict movement of water and nutrients to the rest of the plant. In poor weather where crops may stay in benches longer, Blackmore’s AirTrays further prevent root girdling and promote feeder roots for better nutrient uptake.

While Blackmore's precise Ellepot mix is a company secret, Jensen says the basic paper mix for hemp production is peat moss, coconut fiber, perlite and beneficials. “We have a PhD in plant nutrition on staff who knows the right Ellepot mix,” he says.

Growers that would like to develop their own mix or nutrition program should contact Blackmore/Ellepot USA. Blackmore team members are also able to suggest various membranes, papers and trays. “We want to make sure customers have something that works well their greenhouse,” Jensen says. “Ellepots also give them something easy to work with when they’re transplanting their crops.”

Blackmore provides prefilled Ellepot trays shipped palletized and Ellepot machines for all size growers interested in growing using AirTray Technology.

Ellepot’s success led to the patented Hemp Pots, a complimentary product Blackmore introduced last summer during AmericanHort’s Cultivate industry event. Designed as containers for hemp and cannabis mother stock. The hemp pots boast similar benefits as the AirTray Technology when it comes to natural root development.

“Our Hemp Pots have two layers with a layer of air in between, so that’s going to lower the temperature in a hot climate,” Jensen says. “Any issues you have due to heat will decrease.”