Hoffman Nursery hires new operations manager
Craig Reynolds
Photo courtesy of Hoffman Nursery

Hoffman Nursery hires new operations manager

Craig Reynolds joins Hoffman as their operations manager.

September 20, 2021

Hoffman Nursery, Inc. has energized their team with the addition of Craig Reynolds as operations manager. He joined the nursery in June 2021 and works closely with David Hoffman, senior director of sales and operations, to oversee daily operations and manage production, growing and logistics. 

Hoffman Nursery is facing the same challenges many others in the industry are. Supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and new safety protocols require enormous investments of time and energy. The senior management team realized there was a role that needed to be filled, and they brought in an expert. Reynolds has held marketing, revenue and operation positions with several Fortune 500 companies, spearheading improvements in internal processes and customer satisfaction within each. At Hoffman Nursery, he has already implemented numerous initiatives to increase productivity and improve the customer experience. 

According to Hoffman, Reynolds is “focusing on efficiency in our operations and is helping coordinate across our supply chain. He’s successfully managed large, international teams with complex operations, and he’s applying those organizing principles here.” All departments in the nursery operations are getting a thorough review to analyze and upgrade their practices. With Reynolds on board, the nursery recently signed a contract to utilize the H-2A program, which will give it a more stable, reliable workforce in the future. Improvements in processes will keep the company focused on its core values and fulfilling customers’ needs. 

Prior to joining Hoffman Nursery, Reynolds traveled the world while employed by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as their marketing and revenue manager. In his free time, he enjoys gardening, reading and is an avid diver. His bucket list includes taking an African safari someday. Meanwhile, he’s enjoying exploring the nursery world and getting to know a new team.