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Increasing Profits - Ventilation

H.B. Graves shares how American Coolair’s ventilation offerings help growers exert control over their operation and raise their bottom line.

August 24, 2022

Photos courtesy of American Coolair

When growing indoors, a grower has to do everything in their power to exert control over their environment. That includes controlling the air inside the greenhouse. To do that, growers can turn to American Coolair’s ventilation offerings, which include exhaust fans, circulation fans and evaporative cooling systems to condition the air coming into the greenhouse.

American Coolair systems help greenhouse operations increase profits by both increasing plant yield and cutting costs. “I would say that American Coolair’s products are designed to keep the environment of the greenhouse in ideal conditions for any growing application … such that the plants will thrive and produce as much yield as possible for the customer,” says H.B. Graves, agricultural sales manager at American Coolair.

“Additionally, our product is one of the most long-lasting products available for purchase in the greenhouse space, which will help customers continue to realize profits as they don’t need to replace their equipment as frequently as they would with many other of our competitors’ products.” So not only do American Coolair systems drive revenue by increasing plant yields and helping plants thrive, but they also cut costs because growers don’t have to replace them as often, so they save on replacement costs and the labor involved.

On top of their long life spans, American Coolair’s systems don’t need much maintenance work to keep them operational. “Our fan is very intentionally designed … so that maintenance is very minimal,” Graves says. “Our evaporative cooling systems are self-contained to prevent leaks and promote ease of operation. All of our products are manufactured in America with predominantly American materials, so that they are higher quality than most of our competition.”

Since the ventilation systems need minimal maintenance, that means not only do growers avoid partaking in big replacement projects for the whole system, but throughout the system’s life span, it doesn’t require as much time or labor to keep it going. And the proof is out there, as many American Coolair fans last for decades, according to Graves. “It’s very common for us to interact with customers who have fans of ours that are in excess of 30 or 40 years that are still operational and still continuing to meet the needs of their greenhouse,” he says.

American Coolair also works with greenhouses to determine their needs and figure out which fan system would be best for their operation.

“We try to focus on taking care of what the customer needs, more so than just selling a product,” Graves says. “Coolair is always happy to help our customers and determine the amount of proper ventilation and cooling needs for their space to ensure that their environment is as ideal as possible for their crop.”