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Quick Plug supports controlled environment Ag growers with options that meet system requirements.


“Our customers purchase from Quick Plug because of our reputation, the range in products we produce, the breadth of our technology, and our customer service,” says Eric Waterman, national sales manager for Quick Plug.

Quick Plug produces both ready-to-use trays and loose plugs that can be used in a variety of deep-water culture (DWC) and nutrient film technique (NFT) applications. The plugs are produced from the highest quality peat and coir sources combined with a foaming binder that creates pore space and holds the growing media intact throughout the crop cycle.

“The use of a binder is very important to hydroponic growers,” according to Waterman, “as loss of substrate particles in the channels, trays and ponds can clog screens increasing maintenance and system cleaning requirements that directly impact the bottom line.”

In addition, unlike other substrates that are more chemically inert, peat and coir retain their pH balance and require less monitoring.

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Customers report improved rooting times and crop yields with Quick Plugs as their media substrate. Zachary Unruh of Stonecreek Hydroponics states, “For the last five years we have produced approximately 20,000 heads of lettuce a week, year-round, using both thin-film and deep-water culture methods. We trialed a number of products. Quick Plug gave us the best results overall. I believe Quick Plug has sped our process up by at least a week, increasing our profitability.”

For most hydroponic applications, ready-to-use trays are the most used format which integrate well with automated seeders and plug dislodging equipment. However, there are also loose plug products for those commercial growers that re-use their own trays. Quick Plug works with growers to source the trays and plugs that fit their system’s needs.

Waterman strongly believes that that the world of hydroponics is rapidly evolving. ”There is increasing needs for food safety compliance and certifications beyond just composability and organic certifications,” he says. In this regard, Quick Plug has been at the forefront of supporting growers with third party audits for food safety. Quick Plug places a priority at anticipating hydroponic grower’s evolving needs for product certification and testing.

Learn more at quickplug.global or contact E.Waterman@quickplug.global.

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