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February 2, 2021

I recently saw a great job posting pop up on my Facebook feed. It was a greenhouse position for one of our local growers in the Cleveland area. One person commented, “I worked in a greenhouse once. Best job ever!” and another said, “I wish I was younger. Those flowers are so beautiful.” Yet another mentioned that they were looking for a part-time position and wished that they too could work there.

Rather than letting those comments sit out there on their own, a company representative engaged each commenter and tried to find ways to encourage them to apply for a position that might be a better fit for them, or just to apply at all. The interactions were so lovely and encouraging. Hopefully, they inspired on-the-fence applicants, but more importantly, they really showed the company culture of engagement and positivity.

Even if those particular commenters don’t end up applying for a job with the greenhouse, the conversations gave a great glimpse into the operation and what they’re all about. From landscapers to garden centers, we often hear that the best employees started out in the green industry as fans of a landscaper’s work or a garden center’s brand.

It’s something that doesn’t show up in a lot of job descriptions, both in the green industry and outside of it. Most job listings do a great job of detailing what the company is looking for in terms of experience and skills, but many companies neglect to include details about why their company is a great company to work for.

As consumers get more excited about growing their own plants, they’ll hopefully also get more excited about working with plants. Now is a great time to show potential employees, whether they’re fulltime, part-time or seasonal, what you have to offer.

Kate Spirgen, Editor | | 216-393-0277