Kniphofia ‘Poco Sunset’

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January 25, 2017

Photo courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries

Historically, kniphofia or poker plants barely bloom in containers and have too short of a flowering time in the landscape. Enter the POCO series. This group is characterized by its short habits that form multiple crowns quickly. Each crown produces flowers on short spikes in the first season. As time progresses, the clumps increase in width, producing a vibrant groundcover effect.

The flower spikes of Kniphofia ‘Poco Sunset’ are bicolor red-orange and salmon-orange. The plants have a very long bloom time, repeating from July through October at Terra Nova Nurseries’ trial gardens in Canby, Ore. The short leaves are narrow and grassy, and do not fold unattractively like larger forms.

Kniphofia ‘Poco Sunset’ joins its sisters, Kniphofia ‘Poco Red’ and Kniphofia ‘Poco Orange’ in this newest of series from Terra Nova Nurseries. This group is hardiness-rated at USDA zones 6-9. Maintenance is minimal, involving a spring shearing just before new growth emerges and removal of spent flowers on occasion. Plants have excellent vigor and do well in containers and massed in the landscape.

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