Modern structures

Time to Upgrade - Structures

With Harnois, growers can find the proper greenhouse structure style for their crops.

September 28, 2021

Harnois Industries is a North American company manufacturing modern greenhouses since 1962 with more than 25,000 projects built across the world. The company prides itself on three words: quality, expertise and innovation.

More volume, increased light, a higher load support and a better resistance for enhanced performance. In a nutshell: That’s what the Luminosa gutter connected greenhouses provide. It’s a greenhouse designed for professional growers.

“Our experts and engineers have come together to design a greenhouse that boosts agronomic performance while maximizing the use of passive energy such as sun radiation and ventilation,” says Corenthin (Félix) Chassouant, Harnois’ agronomist and export sales director.

The gothic shape with a roof angle of 45 degrees allows more light to come in with a stronger steel structure. It has also a tremendous impact on the ventilation rate and condensation prevention providing an optimal climate to grow plants. The structure is also reliable with unique innovations at a competitive price. The Luminosa greenhouse is adaptable to areas with very high snow and wind loads. It can be built everywhere in the USA according to the International Building Code (IBC).

Photo courtesy of Harnois Industries

Félix recommends growers learn more about Harnois’ standard wider span versions (26’3”, 28’, 30’, 31’6” up to 36’ wide). In his opinion, they are the best “large volume” options with a buffer area that will regulate extreme temperature and humidity variations. A “large volume” option reduces the stress on crops helping the production manager to control the climate inside the greenhouses. With the current evolution of climate change including heavy snow, heat waves and strong winds, it will be imperative to have greenhouses that can perform in summer and winter regardless of outdoor conditions.

For example, Félix says the 30’ wide Luminosa version is a perfect solution for hydroponic leafy greens cultivation. There is enough surface for the hydroponic system, large spacing between posts and arches, and it is very ergonomic and bright.

Moreover, wider models are also optimized for growing vegetables according to an intensive crop organization, with rows spaced 1.6 or 1.8 meters. Félix says they are ideal for hanging crops such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. This size greenhouse optimizes the growing space and maximizes the operation’s profitability.

“Luminosa will be your perfect tool to help you grow,” Félix says. “Based on our years of experience in the industry and feedback from growers, we have observed that the current trend is towards wider and higher greenhouses. It is time to upgrade your structure!”