Mycorrhizal Applications launches updated website

Mycorrhizal Applications launches updated website

The new website has improved user-friendliness and updated information on different web pages.

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The team at Mycorrhizal Applications (MA) has recently launched a redesigned website, with a simplified and modern look, improved resources and upgraded user-friendliness. MA is committed to educating people with different backgrounds about this crucial sustainable technology. Therefore, they have included specific sections of the website for professional users (including professional growers, horticulturists, greenhouse managers, nursery managers, landscape professionals, restoration professionals, forestry managers, etc.), a section for farmers and agricultural users, and a section for home garden and lawn care users.

For anyone curious about the science of mycorrhizal fungi and how these symbiotic microbes help plants thrive, MA has created a new "How it Works" section in order to outline the basics of mycorrhizal science in layman's terms. MA has also improved their Frequently Asked Questions section, both for their MycoApply mycorrhizal technology, as well as for the Actinovate biofungicide products that they distribute.

With this new website interface, MA is also better able to highlight their entire Biorational Solutions Portfolio with updated product pages, including MycoApply products, biofungicides, plant growth regulators and botanical insecticides. Professional growers, landscapers, nursery and greenhouse managers and other professional users of MycoApply can now locate MycoApply distributors in their region using the newly added distributor map by simply clicking on their state. Resources for professional growers, such as technical application sheets, lists of mycorrhizal plants, literature concerning interactions with fungicides, mycorrhizal trial and analysis protocols, MycoApply drench and soil incorporation recommendations and much more, are now available in one place on the new MycoApply Application & Specification Resources page. 

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