Mycorrhizal Applications hires new Midwest sales account manager
Melissa Flora.
Mycorrhizal Applications.

Mycorrhizal Applications hires new Midwest sales account manager

Melissa Flora has joined the team in order to sustain continued growth and support its nationwide distribution network.


The team at Mycorrhizal Applications (MA) has gained a new Midwest sales account manager, Melissa Flora. Melissa will support the continued growth and development of this Southern Oregon-based manufacturing company. Melissa is based in the Detroit, Michigan region, and will support growers and green industry professionals in the Midwest. Melissa will also provide support to the increasing number of horticulture distributors who are selling the MycoApply mycorrhizal products that MA produces, as well as the additional biological solutions that MA distributes, such as Actinovate Biofungicides, MGK Botanical Insecticides, and Valent BioSciences’ Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs).

Melissa’s territory includes the Ohio Valley and Midwest region, including Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Melissa recently worked as a manufacturer representative to the architectural design market in Detroit, Michigan for the past two-plus years. Prior to these positions, Melissa went to school at Wayne State University to study business and Oakland Community College for her associates in liberal arts, both in the metro Detroit area. Her passions for mycology and horticulture have led her to the pursuit of a degree in the life sciences. Melissa is also a licensed mushroom collector in Michigan and is excited to combine her personal passion with her vocation. Melissa can be reached via email at or by phone at (248) 794-7896. (MA’s previous Midwest Sales Account Manager, Michael Hull, has moved to Oregon and transitioned into the West Coast Sales Account Manager role. He can still be reached at or by phone at (803) 818-8279.)

Melissa is able to provide in-depth technical assistance with mycorrhizal applications in a variety of types of horticulture production and professional mycorrhizal uses, as well as maximize grower success utilizing the additional biological solutions that MA distributes.

 “With her successful experience in B2B sales, combined with her knowledge and passion for mycology and horticulture, Melissa is highly qualified for her new role as Midwest Sales Account Manager for Mycorrhizal Applications,” says Blair Busenbark, the sales and commercial marketing manager for MA. “I believe she will be a great addition to the MA Team and look forward to her enthusiasm and dedication.”

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