Mycorrhizal Applications announces new hires

Mycorrhizal Applications announces new hires

Amy Schroeder and Morgan Reed join the company, expanding its sales and customer service capability.

February 16, 2018
Edited by Matt McClellan

Grants Pass, Ore. -- The team at Mycorrhizal Applications (MA) has recently grown with the addition of Amy Schroeder and Morgan Reed. MA is a supplier of mycorrhizal inoculants, and with the growing interest and demand for these sustainable soil solutions, Amy and Morgan will each be serving MA in newly formed roles in order to support the continued growth and development of this Southern Oregon-based manufacturing company.  These additional roles will help support growers coast-to-coast in the U.S. and Canada, and also provide additional support to the increasing number of horticulture distributors who are selling the MycoApply mycorrhizal products that MA produces, as well as the additional biological solutions that MA distributes, such as Actinovate biofungicides, MGK botanical insecticides, and Valent BioSciences’ plant growth regulators (PGRs).

Amy Schroeder is Mycorrhizal Applications’ newest sales account manager, and she is based in the Ohio Valley, which will give MA a presence in the Midwest and East Coast regions of the U.S. Amy’s top priority is to support growers and distributors in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, and her territory will expand to include Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Amy received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Shawnee State University and her Master of Science in Soil and Water Science from the University of Florida. For the past five years of her professional career, Amy has worked with growers in the turf and agriculture industries to maximize fertilizer efficiency. With her rich scientific background, Amy is able to provide in-depth technical assistance with mycorrhizal applications in a variety of types of horticulture production and professional mycorrhizal uses.

Morgan Reed has also taken on a newly developed position at MA, in the role of sales and marketing support specialist. Morgan’s main responsibilities revolve around customer service and support for MA’s distributors.  She is fielding customer and distributor phone calls, providing customer service, handling inquiries, processing sales orders, and even helping to manage the logistics of MA’s busy trade show calendar. Morgan recently graduated from Southern Oregon University with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. This new sales and marketing support specialist position represents another expansion to the MA sales team, and provides additional capacity to handle customer questions and provide distributor support.

Photo (L-R): Schroeder, Reed