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Problem Solvers - Nutrient Efficiency

Thrivedo enhances plant performance for increased vigor, growth and shelf life.

February 26, 2020

SynTech Research team, including Parsa Tehranchian, West Coast Bioefficacy Leader, left, and Mariana Krugner, Sanger Station Manager, right, are conducting trials to evaluate the impact of Thrivedo on strawberry plants at the research location in Sanger, California. To date, third-party trials have shown Thrivedo to enhance shelf life, increase yield and enhance flowering on a number of different crops.
Photo courtesy of Verano365

From propagation to production to store shelves, Verano365 is using cutting-edge science and product development to help growers increase their bottom line. The company’s first product, Thrivedo, improves plant quality by stimulating natural plant processes to increase nutrient efficiency, water uptake and overall plant growth and vigor.

Thrivedo was created by a team of scientists and developers to solve growers’ biggest problems and improve their bottom lines.

“When talking to growers, we start by seeking to understand their issues,” says David Coorts, technical director. “We ask them about what production challenges they may be experiencing, and use those insights in our development process to figure out where we’ll apply OpusMAX so that we’re truly addressing market needs.”

The active ingredient in Thrivedo is a proprietary protein-surfactant complex derived from a yeast extract, which is enhanced by the company’s OpusMAX technology. “That's a unique approach that enables the claims that we make for the product — enhanced nutrient uptake, enhanced water uptake and enhanced vigor and flowering,” says John Appel, Verano365 president. “So that ingredient is unique by itself, but the difference-maker and the source of Verano365’s competitive advantage is our technology OpusMAX.”

Verano365’s OpusMAX formulation technology enhances the performance of the yeast extract active ingredient by 35%. “And we've seen that across the board in many other active ingredients,” Appel says. “It has a really good synergy with a lot of the active ingredients that are used in the horticulture market.”

Trials at the Ohio State University have shown that applications of Thrivedo increase the number of flowers on pansies by 15%, and another trial in California has shown an increase of 88% in tomato fruit weight. Another tissue analysis on parsley showed that plants were bringing up more than 110% more nutrients with Thrivedo than without. Nitrogen uptake, for example increased by upwards of 250%.

“It's really showing us that it has significant capabilities that we're very, very excited about,” Coorts says. “The fact that it could potentially help growers manage their nutrients better and more efficiently — I think we’d all like to see that happen.”

And when applied in the plant’s vegetative state, Thrivedo can improve marketability by enhancing flowering.

“For wholesale growers, that helps them differentiate versus their competitors, helping them build a deeper relationship with their retail customers and deliver a better product at the end of the day,” Appel says.

In some cases, applications of Thrivedo have been shown to increase a plant’s shelf life by up to 60%. “If the product is staying fresher longer, they’re going to have less shrinkage and be able to sell more products and get paid more money,” Appel says.