OHP to launch Fortress herbicide in October

OHP to launch Fortress herbicide in October

The product provides weed control for perennials, grasses and woody ornamentals.

September 20, 2018

OHP, Inc. has announced  the federal registration of Fortress Ornamental Herbicide, a pre-emergent granular product that provides control of broadleaf and grassy weeds, according to a press release.

Fortress provides weed control without harming sensitive plants such as perennials and grasses and may also be applied to woody ornamentals.

"Fortress has shown outstanding crop tolerance on many crops, including softer plants while providing excellent weed control, especially on crabgrass,” says Dave Barcel, OHP senior technical manager. "We've also seen good control of broadleaf weeds such as bittercress, marestail, oxalis, spurge, and others.”

Fortress is a unique combination of the active ingredients isoxaben and dithiopyr, both widely used as weed control options, according to a press release.

"We have created a product with two modes of action that haven't been combined before,” says Dan Stahl, OHP vice president and general manager. "We think the combination offers many advantages such as efficacy, crop tolerance, and a wide spectrum of weed control.”

Formulated on an engineered granule, Fortress produces virtually no dust and low odor, resulting in improved worker safety and ease of application.

"The engineered, high-performing granules are uniformly round and do not hang up in the crop canopy. The result is better plant tolerance and improved weed control,” says Barcel.

Fortress will be available in most states in mid-October. Current state registrations, label, SDS and production information is available here.