Walk the line

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It’s a delicate balancing act to respect tradition and keep your business moving forward. The good old tried and true ways of doing things just aren’t going to cut it in the 21st century, and diversification is the way of the future.

But in an industry that’s so deeply rooted in family and tradition, that can be tough. But growers all across North America are taking risks and finding new ways to optimize their operations. The hard work and dedication are the same, but the methods and techniques are changing faster than ever.

American Color is a great example of a company that walks the line between tradition and innovation. The Orange, Virginia-based grower respects its longstanding family values, but is making smart decisions to expand and improve. You can read more about their growth from a 1-acre operation to a 30-acre powerhouse on page 22.

American Color, like many in the industry, has made its success through education and partnerships. But looking outside of their usual revenue streams, they’ve been able to find new customers and get in on the ground floor of exciting new ventures, diversifying sales and securing their future success.

But some things never change. The relationships the company’s father-and-son team have made over the years through family, friendships and good business practices are key to its growth. That has also helped them build a good team and put the right people in place.

No matter what your business, your goals or your industry, personal relationships with those both within and outside the business are the cornerstone to success. By constantly evaluating your business, taking the good and leaving the bad, you can move forward in the right direction.

And while taking the time to build those relationships and get a bird’s eye view of your business, it will help make the time and effort you put in every day a little more valuable. So carve out some time to look at what’s working and what’s not in your business, and keep the good traditions and values while forging ahead.

Kate Spirgen, Editor | kspirgen@gie.net | 216-393-0277