Pindstrup acquires Carolina Soil do Brasil
Image courtesy of Pindstrup

Pindstrup acquires Carolina Soil do Brasil

Pindstrup announced the acquisition of Carolina Soil do Brasil, the largest supplier of growing media to the horticultural sector in Brazil.

November 3, 2021

Documents were signed and virtual handshakes were exchanged when C. Dwight Howard of Carolina Soil in North Carolina, along with his business partner Wilbur Taylor, divested the Brazilian branch of their horticultural business. Carolina Soil do Brasil will now be part of the Pindstrup group of companies.

“Carolina Soil do Brasil has been producing a superior soilless media product in Brazil for over 20 years,” Howard said in a statement. “With the acquisition by Pindstrup, we are confident that they are dedicated to the ongoing success of our products, and we believe this transaction will allow the company continued success well into the future.”

Bjarne Moltke Hansen, chairman of the board for Pindstrup, is pleased with this acquisition, saying “Carolina Soil do Brasil fits perfectly into our plans to expand in selected regions of the world, and the company will be a cornerstone in the Pindstrup Group’s expansion in Brazil and South America.”

“I am very happy to welcome Carolina Soil do Brasil and all of its employees into the Group,” says CEO of Pindstrup Torben Brændgaard. “Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the obstacles it brought, we were able to build great relations with Mr. Howard and Mr. Taylor during the negotiation process, which to me underlines how similar our companies are.”

Brændgaard was able to visit the Carolina Soil plants in Pardinho and Santa Cruz do Sul earlier this year and was impressed with what CEO Anderson Schaeffer presented. “What I met was a skilled and dedicated workforce, committed to delivering high-quality products while always maintaining a high level of safety and continuously improving the processes,” Brændgaard said.

Carolina Soil do Brasil complements Pindstrup’s current activities in Brazil, as there are no major overlaps in terms of market segments and customers. With this acquisition, Pindstrup will be able to continue its high level of growth. There are currently no plans for changing neither the organization, nor the brand name of Carolina Soil.