Pindstrup now sells Forest Gold wood fiber in big bags

Pindstrup now sells Forest Gold wood fiber in big bags

Each big bag of Forest Gold contains 12 cubic meters of product.

November 19, 2019

Forest Gold is wood fiber designed and optimized for use in horticulture. For more than 15 years, the Pindstrup Group has developed and refined Forest Gold, in close collaboration with leading growers around the world.  

While most customers take delivery of substrates pre-mixed with Forest Gold that are ready for use in their operation, Pindstrup also sees an increased demand among professional growers for pure Forest Gold. As a result, Pindstrup now offers Forest Gold in big bags, allowing customers to blend their own substrates at their operation.  

“We are very pleased to offer this solution to our customers across the globe,” says Jens Jorgen Hjortshoj, CCO of the Pindstrup Group. ”Forest Gold in big bags will let customers create their own mixes, and to many operations, this flexibility is an advantage. In addition, producing compressed big bags allows us to offer Forest Gold at an attractive price.” 

Pure Forest Gold in big bags can be used directly with any standard bale discharger equipment without any additional cost or investment, according to a press release. Big bags with pure Forest Gold will measure 102.5 x 108 x 245 cm (40 x 42.5 x 96.5 inches), and they will contain 12 cubic meters. 

Along with offering pure Forest Gold in big bags, the Pindstrup Group will continue to supply substrates pre-mixed with Forest Gold in 300-liter bales and 6 cubic meter big bags. 

Basics about Forest Gold 

Forest Gold wood fiber is based on responsibly sourced wood chips from softwood trees (FSC-certified), which are heated to high temperatures and spun into well-defined fibers using high-pressure steam – a process that ensures the material is free from weeds, diseases and harmful organisms. The fibers are then carefully mixed with a small amount of high-quality Pindstrup peat, which ensures the storage stability of the product.