Plantpeddler releases 2020 Variety Day results
Photo courtesy of Plantpeddler

Plantpeddler releases 2020 Variety Day results

Varieties from Suntory, Dümmen Orange and Beenenkamp were among the top-ranked varieties.


Plantpeddler held its annual Variety Day, Friday August 7, along with celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the company. The trials were held in the new site, completed the Spring of 2020, and represents an investment in grower success by “Testing the Best in the Midwest.”

Growers, breeders, brokers, and retailers spent the day evaluating the Trial Gardens, attending seminars by industry professionals, and touring the greenhouses. Presenters included: Broch Martindale, Corteva; Elizabeth Burdett, Selecta; Mike Faber and Ivan Izzo, BFG; Nathan Sell, Dümmen Orange; Dr. Christopher Currey, Iowa State University. Participants had the opportunity to vote on their top three varieties. The winner this year, Bracteantha Granvia Gold, finished seventh in 2019, and was the overwhelming first choice for 2020.

The Top 25 Varieties:

Ranking       Genus                      Series and Variety                                     Breeder

1 Bracteantha Granvia Gold Suntory
2 Begonia I'Conia Upright Fire Dümmen Orange
3 Begonia Encanto Pink Beekenkamp
4 Begonia Mistral Orange Selecta One
5 Verbena Vanessa Compact Neon Pink Danziger
6 Dahlia LaBella Medio Fun Purple Improved Beekenkamp
7 Begonia Mahogany Cherry Westhoff
8 Eupatorium Elegant Feathers Kientzler
9 Petunia Hippy Chick Danziger
10 Verbena Temari Trailing Red Suntory
11 Angelonia Alonia Big Bicolor Purple Danziger
12 Impatiens Insp Sunpatiens Compact Tropical Rose Sakata
13 Euphorbia Hip Hop Fleurizon
14 Begonia I'Conia Portofino Citrix Dümmen Orange
15 Petunia Ray Pistachio Cream Danziger
16 Catharanthus Soiree Double Pink Suntory
17 Lantana Havana Sunset Dümmen Orange
18 Petunia Itsy Magenta Syngenta Flowers
19 Lantana Bandana Cherry Sunrise Syngenta Flowers
20 Coleus Stained Glassworks Golden Gate Dümmen Orange
21 Bidens Golden Empire Danziger
22 Verbena Vanessa Compact Optik Lavender Danziger
23 Osteospermum Zion Purple Sun Selecta One
24 Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Double OrangeTastic Selecta One

Tie 25 MultiLiner DuraBella Red White & Blueberry Danziger
Tie 25 Geranium Insp Calliope Large Orange Splash Syngenta Flowers
Tie 25 Verbena Lanai Upright Twister Watercolor Syngenta Flowers
Tie 25 Begonia Hiemalis, Hailey Pink Koppe
Tie 25 Petunia Ray Black Danziger