Plantpeddler releases Variety Day 2022 results
Photo courtesy of Plantpeddler

Plantpeddler releases Variety Day 2022 results

Begonia I’Conia Portofino Sunrise from Dümmen Orange was the top-ranked variety according to attendees.

Plantpeddler hosted Variety Day 2022 on Friday August 5. The event featured 1,500 varieties of vegetative annuals in large containers, hanging baskets and beds from a global array of breeders.

This year, the slate of presenters covered growing culture and clean production protocols including, Alicain Carlson, Ph.D., Syngenta Flowers; Christopher Currey, Ph. D, Iowa State University; Robert “Bob” Jungwirth, Plant Marvel. Also presenting were Greg Gabrels of Sakata and Diane Blazek of AAS. The day included demonstrations of technology at Plantpeddler including the ISO sticking robots.

Participants had the opportunity to vote on their top three varieties. The winner this year, Begonia I’Conia Portofino Sunrise, which is in the 2023 program at Plantpeddler. But accolades go to Portulaca which captured five spots in the Top 25, tied with Begonia for the most genus selections.

 Variety Day 2022 Top 25:

1 Begonia I'Conia Portofino Sunrise Dummen Orange
2 Verbena Lascar Orange Lava Selecta One
3 Lantana Bandolista Red Chili Syngenta Flowers
4 Calibrachoa Rainbow Calypso Coral Dummen Orange
5 Portulaca Mega Pazzaz Red Danziger
6 Bracteantha Granvia Gold Suntory
7 Coleus Under the Sea Barracuda USask
8 Portulaca Mega Pazzaz Pink Twist Danziger
9 Begonia Florencio Orange Syngenta Flowers
10 Petunia Itsy White Syngenta Flowers
11 Lantana Heartland Really Red Dummen Orange
Tie 12 Petunia Perfectunia Mandarin Westhoff
Tie 12 Verbena Temari Trailing Blue Suntory
14 Osteospermum Zion Morning Sun Selecta One
15 Begonia Waterfall Angel Soft Pink Beekenkamp
16 Portulaca Confetti Garden Cupcake Night Dummen Orange
17 Portulaca Mega Pazzaz Mango Twist Danziger
18 Calibrachoa Kwik Kombo Callie Color Wheel Syngenta Flowers
Tie 19 Portulaca Confetti Garden Cupcake Party 2022 Dummen Orange
Tie 19 Petunia Tea PTTR 0041 - Flamingo Beekenkamp
21 Calibrachoa MiniFamous Uno Yellow+Red Vein 22 Selecta One
22 Begonia Hiemalis Vermillion Red Beekenkamp
23 Begonia Beauvilia Dark Salmon Beekenkamp
24 Geranium Inters Calliope Cascade Violet Syngenta Flowers
25 Bracteantha Granvia Pink Suntory