Poinsettia picks

Features - Poinsettia Pointers: Varieties

Consider these varieties for your holiday crop line-up.

Photos courtesy of respective breeders



For those anticipating the joyous holiday season, ‘Ferrara’ (1) is the perfect opportunity to inject a unique twist on the traditional “Christmas flower” into fall décor. Featuring a fast response time and bright red bracts, ‘Ferrara’ is great for reliable, high density production allowing increased units per acre. Suitable for all pot sizes, this new cultivar from Dümmen Orange is a superb choice to kick off the holiday decorating season.

Hera Red

This strong-stemmed Beekenkamp poinsettia boasts big bracts and beautiful cyathia (2).

Red Soul

Deep velvet red bracts atop intensely dark foliage — what’s not to love? A contemporary take on the classic Poinsettia, ‘Red Soul’ (3) by Dümmen Orange sports a compact robust architecture that’s perfect for high-density production and Black Friday sales. ‘Red Soul’ performs well in all climates but is particularly exceptional in warmer climates.

Leona Red

A very thick-stemmed, V-shaped poinsettia with extraordinary shelf life from Beekenkamp (4).

Astro Red

Early flowering easy branching bright red poinsettia with nano bracts (5). This Beekenkamp variety is suitable for all pot sizes.


Christmas Beauty Marble

This striking, saturated pink and cream marble pattern is offered by Selecta. Christmas Beauty (6) features a controlled habit for better sleeving and shipping. The series also offers space efficiency for growers.

Venus Hot Pink

An extremely attractive and vibrant hot pink bract color offered by Syngenta (7).


Gold Rush

The distinctive gold and blush-pink bracts make this variety by Dümmen Orange the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving tables but equally ideal for gold and red-themed holiday decorations. ‘Gold Rush’ (8) develops bracts at staggered heights giving it a lush sumptuous appearance when placed in consumers’ homes.



Dümmen Orange has done it again with the introduction of ‘Envy’ (9), the first chartreuse poinsettia on the market. ‘Envy’ boasts a fantastically strong habit which gives it excellent postharvest longevity in retail settings and with the final customer where it blends seamlessly into a myriad of color schemes.


Christmas Glory Pink and Christmas Glory White

This series by Selecta (10) offers a compact habit — perfect for 6-inch and smaller mini-sized pots for grab-and-go gifts at retail. Thrives in cool temperatures, saving energy for the grower. Plants are uniform, showing even branching with all bracts on top with non-fading color.

Titan Family

Bred by Syngenta, these Red, White, Pink and (new) Jingle varieties (11) are timed together for cold growing and finishing. They boast strong roots, rich color, large bracts and distinct cyathia.

Christmas Joy Pink, White and Red

This series from Selecta (12), with uniform colors and habits across the entire series, will perform well together in containers, and make for a great show on the retail bench. Promote them as instant décor for holiday get-togethers, office parties and church services throughout the season.