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A new broad-spectrum fungicide from Syngenta features dual active ingredients and control of over 30 foliar diseases, according to technical services manager Nancy Rechcigl.

April 19, 2022

Greenhouse Management: What is PostivaTM fungicide and why should growers feel excited about its introduction to the market?

Nancy Rechcigl: Postiva is a broad-spectrum fungicide that features two powerful active ingredients in a unique combination for the ornamental market. Postiva is powered by ADEPIDYN® technology, the first member of a new subclass of SDHIs (succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors) within FRAC Group 7 and difenoconazole, a demethylation inhibitor (DMI) in FRAC Group 3.

Postiva will be extremely useful to growers because it controls over 30 foliar diseases, including many hard-to-control diseases such as Botrytis, black spot of rose, powdery mildew, leaf spots, rusts and boxwood blight. Postiva also provides protection against root and crown diseases caused by Sclerotinia, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium while also suppressing bacterial pathogens caused by Xanthomonas spp. and Pseudomonas spp.

GM: What crops can Postiva be applied to?

NR: Postiva can be applied on many types of ornamental crops, including conifers, non-bearing fruit and nut plants and vegetable plants grown for retail sales. Immature or inedible fruit and nuts may be present on the plant at the time of application but should not be intended for consumption.

GM: Where and how can Postiva be applied?

NR: Postiva is a very flexible product for growers. It is registered for use in greenhouses, nurseries, including field- and container-grown plants, conifer nurseries as well as residential and commercial landscapes, and interior plantscapes. It can be applied as a spray, including aerial application, a drench, chemigation and through automated cold fogging in greenhouses.

GM: What makes Postiva unique in the market?

NR: The introduction of ADEPIDYN technology into the market will be a true step-change for growers. It features a unique molecule, specifically designed to combine the best traits of carboxamide fungicides to deliver broader activity and longer residual control. When applied as a spray, it quickly moves into the wax layer of the plant, establishing a rainfast barrier to prevent infection and disease progression. Within 24 hours, it begins to penetrate and spread within the plant tissue, providing further protection. Spore germination and mycelial growth of the pathogen is strongly inhibited, thereby preventing infections and further disease development.

Difenoconazole also has a strong affinity to the wax layer of plants and contributes to long residual protection. As a triazole, it has systemic and curative properties and assists by limiting disease development and sporulation.

Postiva also offers growers consistent control of Fusarium, setting it apart from other fungicides within the ornamentals space. As a disease that is best managed preventively, growers can incorporate Postiva into their fungicide rotation to help prevent Fusarium infections and control other costly diseases. In addition to foliar and soil-borne diseases, Postiva also provides bacterial disease suppression of Pseudomonas spp. and Xanthomonas spp., providing a complete plant protection treatment against fungal and bacterial pathogens.

GM: What makes Postiva a great addition to existing rotation programs?

NR: Postiva provides disease control through two different modes of action, offering a strong defense against multiple pathogens while helping prevent resistance. Postiva can be used in rotation with Mural®, Palladium® and Daconil® brand fungicides to create a robust disease management program.

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