Supplement - Focus on Pest Control

January 6, 2016

Hachi-Hachi SC

One of the most devastating and costly ornamental insect pests growers battle are thrips. They can ruin a crop and are one of the most challenging pests to manage. Many of the available chemistries used to control thrips have developed resistance difficulties, are economically limiting or provide marginal efficacy. Thanks to Hachi-Hachi SC Insecticide, growers can put those worries to rest.

Hachi-Hachi SC is changing the game in thrips management by providing rapid, superior thrips control with an affordable price tag. The new and improved formulation provides the same spectacular, broad-spectrum insect control with enhanced crop safety.

In addition to unsurpassed thrips efficacy, Hachi-Hachi SC is a phenomenal tool to control aphids, scale, leafhoppers and lepidopteran insects with added suppression on whiteflies and powdery mildew. Hachi-Hachi SC is active on eggs, nymphs and adults for all these pests. Targeted insect pests exposed to Hachi-Hachi SC via ingestion or contact will be controlled, therefore thorough spray coverage is important to obtain desired levels of control.

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Azatin®O Biological Insecticide

Azatin® O is a newly-formulated biological insect growth regulator (IGR) used to control the larval stage of a broad-spectrum of greenhouse and nursery pests. Azatin O is OMRI (Organic Materials Resource Institute) listed, is soft on beneficials, and carries a 4-hour REI. Azatin O contains 175 grams of the active ingredient azadirachtin per gallon. Azatin O may be used for insect control on all crops such as ornamentals, vegetables, herbs and berries, grown in the greenhouse, nursery, interiorscape, and in hydroponic growing situations.

Azatin O may be used for control of insects on turfgrass. Insects do not survive the molting process to become reproductive adults. Death results in 3 to 10 days after application but insects will stop feeding long before they die. Azatin O is often tank-mixed with Decathlon for control of larval and adult insect stages.

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